Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Maladon Ezrarius

Maladon, High Chaplain and Executioner Marshall of the Sons of Hades, is the fury of the Emperor made flesh. A living beacon in the wretched darkness of the Imperium. His unbreakable faith has kept the chapter true to the God-Emperor's will for more than 300 years.

For many in the chapter Ezrarius has always been there, extending his harsh judgment over ally and foe alike. Yet, he is like the backbone that holds the body upright. His word is law and his fist is punishment.

He is a solemn, distant man. Not even those within the Reclusium can claim to know him as anything other than master. Only the Chapter Master himself does not defer to him. A fact that has plagued him for the 2 centuries that Inthrus Kull, once a sergeant in the heretic Third Company, has held that office.

In Maladon's mind Inthrus is tainted by affiliation to his fallen Captain and there can be no innocence, even though his own thorough and painful interrogation of the man revealed no taint. Secretly though, he doubts his ability to stop Inthrus should it ever become necessary. Kull's power has grown immensely since he emerged victorious from the mind-shredding affliction known as the Black Rage. Still, he has vowed to keep his vigil and should need ever arise he will not hesitate to fulfill his duty to keep the Chapter pure.


  1. Excellent paint job! To be feared for sure!

  2. Some more good fluff, and a really nice mini. Good work on the gold...your earthy, brownish-red fits in nicely.

    I'm interested in your basing...are all these minis nestled onto a display board (perfectly), or do you have the models worked into a sand/gravel bed?

  3. I base them with the gravel that you see (Citadel's sand)and then dump a bunch into a paper plate then cover the edges of their bases with it.

  4. Very nice model and like the original story of the Sun Crushers another nice update, and I really like the mix of the red with the black armor, nice execution.